Event Venues including for Sports and Business Events

Hotels are usually synonymous with accommodation and restaurant facilities. High-class hotels are normally attached to a gold course, and you will find golf club transport couriers littering the lobby. However, modern hotels have adapted to market demands and incorporated modern conferencing facilities and services. They have also hired staff members with deep knowledge and skills around conferencing to ensure their clients get the best services and facilities. Before you hire meeting rooms, what benefits should you expect from them? Why not consider facilities that offer only conferencing facilities?

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Hotels usually offer corporate catering services for conferences, meetings and events utilizing their facilities. This makes it easier to plan the event since you will only deal with a single service provider as opposed to having independent catering service provider. You can agree on the range of dishes on the menu based on your budget as well as the frequency of the meals. However, it is good to note that custom menus can attract extra charges and therefore you should confirm beforehand.

Choice of room

In every hotel that offers conferencing facilities, there are rooms of different sizes to choose from based on the size of the group at hand, the preferred room arrangement as well as the budget. In most cases, the larger rooms are preserved for large groups of people and usually cost more than the smaller rooms. Rooms range from ballrooms to small boardroom for meetings that will be attended by a few individuals.

Conferencing stationery and equipment

In most cases, the hotels usually provide branded writing materials to their guests as a complimentary product. They may also provide projectors, flip charts and the marker pens, projection screens, speakers and P.A systems for larger groups. The hotels may also be able to arrange for any special equipment required when notified in advance. Not all hotels can arrange for equipment and therefore you need to enquire about this beforehand.

Handling the details

There are so many things that must be done when preparing for a conference or event. This may include the pickup and drop off of the guests, allocation of rooms for the guests, ensuring any special requests by the guests are met and so on. However, when holding your conference in a hotel, the hotel staff could assist you take care of all these things. You only need to guide then and they will do the rest.

Holding your conference or meeting in a hotel has its benefits. Besides, there are a range of hotels offering affordable conferencing facilities for businesses. The next time you have an event coming up, you ought to consider nearby hotels with conferencing facilities.